let the fun begin...

So the countdown is almost over...FOUR more sleeps til the wedding!

Today aunt JoAnne (Matt's mum's sister) arrives from Barry, ON. The party is just starting. Thursday our good friends will be arriving from L.A., plus my aunt Judy & uncle Joe from Regina, SK. And from the there the excitement will just build.

Not to mention tomorrow my day starts with coffee with my best friend Sarah (who's also a bridesmaid!), then I get pampered for part of the morning and FINALLY get to pick up my dress!

I'm loving it...

But I'm also looking forward to the break & much needed holiday following the wedding...bring on the honeymoon :)


It's not about me

and even when my humaness gets in the way and I try to make it about me, I end up failing miserably.

It truly is not about me. And despite my occasional princess outbursts, it still is not about me.

Truth be known it's not really about you either. You may try to make it about you, and I may try to make it about you, but somewhere in the mix the focus changes again.

Sometimes I'd like it to be about you, just to prove that it's still not about me.

But ultimately it's about Him. What He wants. What He desires. What He's destined.

One day I'll get it. And live it. And it won't just be words out of my mouth, but the very things that I do right from my heart.

ps:"you" is not you...or anyone in particular who's reading this.


12 sleeps and counting...


And so this week...I prepare to be away for two weeks.
And how amazing it will be to be away from here...
from the busyness life...
from work...
with the one I love.

If you think about it you can join my future sister-in-law with prayers for my sanity :)