Yesterday our theme at church for Mother's Day, was "Building a Legacy of Faith." When I was first introduced to this concept during our planning, I couldn't help but think of the legacy of faith that has been built for me.

I don't remember my great grandma at all, but sometimes I feel as though I know her very well because of the stories I have heard time and time again about the woman she was. She built incredible legacy for our family, and it continues on through her children, her grandchildren, and hopefully through my generation - her great grandchildren, and beyond.

I've heard stories about when I was just a baby, and my great grandma took me in her arms at a wedding and said to my parents, "all children are a blessing from God, but this is a blessed child." And truly, I am blessed, looking at the legacy that has been built for me, I know without a shadow of doubt that I am incredibly blessed.

My great grandma was a woman who loved God. Our family meets once every three years for a family reunion, and one tradition that lives on is the church service on Sunday morning with the family. That is one tradition that could live on forever, as it's a vital part of the legacy built by my great grandparents.

I've heard stories about how great grandma would pray every single day for every single one of her family members. With sixteen children who lived to adulthood, that's a lot of family members, and yet each one of us was loving covered in great grandma's prayers. My mum has told me that when great grandma passed away, one of the biggest concerns of the family was wondering, "who's going to pray for us now."

My great grandma loved her family, and she loved God. My great grandparents built and incredible legacy for my family, which is one of the reason's why I am the "blessed child," great grandma said I am.