Easter doesn't end on Monday.

I love Easter! Basically I'm a huge sucker for candy & sweets, so any excuse to put myself into a sugar comma is my favourite. I'm a huge fan of family, any excuse to get together & celebrate is a good excuse to me. I also love all that Easter represents; unconditional love, forgiveness, hope...

Easter weekend tends to be one of my favourite weekends in church as well. My whole faith system is built around this one weekend. That God would send His perfect, one & only Son to pay the ultimate sacrifice for all sins, and then to defeat death by raising from the dead...the very thought is completely overwhelming as I consider the incredible love shown.

I'm positive that the best thing about Easter is that it doesn't end on Easter Monday. Easter continues day after day after day, as I'm reminded of my Saviour's love in the beauty I witness in creation, as I receive His grace & forgiveness for the thousandth time through those who are a part of my everyday life & as I remember that I get to be apart of the Big God Story, beginning with Creation, including Easter, my life & all that follows.

Although the sugar comma continues for a few days following the fabulous visit of the Easter Bunny, Easter itself continues & will never ever end.


25 things...

Just last week I celebrated my 25th birthday. Being inspired by my lovely friend Joh, who just turned 30 & decided to blog about it, I've created a new "25 things". A couple years ago "25 things" were popping up all over Facebook...this is new updated list now being 25, with various little (& some not so little) things that I've learned & random things about myself.

1. Nothing quite compares to being married to my best friend. Being married to Matt is the craziest, greatest, most exciting adventure I've ever been on. The only thing that seems to be predictable in our lives is the unpredictability & I love it! There's no one else I'd rather face each day with.

2. Although quitting would often be easier on all fronts, it's amazing the character that is built in continuing & pressing on. Hopefully the character that is being built into my life speaks of the God who's strength carries me through.

3. I am a mother. I've come to the realization that being a mom is more then pregnancy & giving birth. I love the children in my life & count it an absolute blessing & honour to mother those in my world.

4. People are of utmost importance. The day that I'm too busy for people is the day that I've completely abandoned that which I've been created for.

5. Family is irreplaceable. Four years ago my siblings & I determined that our relationships would always be a priority. I'm thankful that my parents instilled the value of family in the three of us. I'm also thankful for absolutely amazing in-laws who love & accept me as one of their family.

6. My parents have always told me to find my passion & chase it. This is quite possibly some of the greatest advice I've ever been given.

7. Words are important. Choose what you say wisely. Choose how you say something even more wisely. Ultimately choose to speak life.

8. A good cup of coffee & book is good for the soul. Take time to do that which refreshes and rejuvenates you.

9. Sometimes you just need to fake it until you make it.

10. Always be in a place of willingness to learn. My grandpa used to say that it wasn't a good day unless you learned something new...may everyday be a "good day"

11. Remember the legacy that has been built into you, and keep building upon it for the future generations. My great grandma Belsher was a great woman of faith, & there is no doubt in my mind that that legacy she built has been instilled into me. This legacy is something I hope to continue building upon, knowing that my ceiling will be my children's floor.

12. Never forget that there is no one else quite like you. No one with the same gifts, talents & passions. You are valued, cherished & loved just because of who you are.

13. Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts you'll ever receive. Forgiving others is a greater gift to yourself then your offender.

14. Sometimes I feel as though by denying how I'm feeling I'm dealing with the issue, this is not true at all. Every emotion you feel is worth validation. Sweeping thoughts & feelings under the rug does no good to anyone. Recognize how you're feeling, but don't ever settle with staying there, be willing to move on.

15. Always give people the time of day. You never know who's path you'll have the opportunity to cross. Treat those you encounter with same dignity & respect that you expect.

16. Dream! When dreams become realities, don't forget to dream again.

17. Don't brush off gut feelings. Holy Spirit nudges in the simplest ways at times.

18. Diamonds are a girls best friend & pearls are for girls - words for all princesses. (PS: Although REAL ones are fabulous, the average person can't tell the difference between real jewels & ones bought at Le Chateau)

19. Waterproof mascara is without a doubt one of the greatest beauty product available.

20. Some of my closest friends are the same age as my parents. Get some solid, stable "older" people around you. Learn from their past. Ask them for wisdom. Allow them to speak into your life.

21. Community is essential to human survival. Some communities established will only be seasonal, some will be come & go communities that when reunited it seems as if you never left, & still others will be lifelong & very constant.

22. Tears are not always a bad thing. I definitely lean towards being someone who's overly emotional, & a result tears are often involved. Tears of pain, sorrow, hurt, joy, laughter & often just because I've completely overwhelmed. The amazing things about my tears is that there's a cleansing that comes with them.

23. Realize that there are more seasons then Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Every stage of life is seasonal & although sometimes things seems to drag on forever remember that "He changes times & season; he deposes kings & raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise & knowledge to the discerning." (Daniel 2:21)

24. Unconditional love is grey. It's easy in my own mind to see things as black & white, I know what's right & wrong. The thing is, for love to be unconditional is has to be grey, willing to see past the behaviour & to love regardless.

25. There is always one constant. In a world that is constantly changing there is one who is the same yesterday, today & forever. It's in Him alone that strength, hope, peace, joy & true love can be found. He is always faithful & true.