Laurel Place

I've come to realize that I'm quite passionate about community. It's something that I crave and that I fight to maintain.

The cul-de-sac that my husband I live in, is one of the large reasons why I would like to never move. It has nothing to do with our house (although I REALLY love my home), it has nothing to do with the location (although the location is perfect for us at this stage in our lives), it's more about the other families who are our neighbors.

Over the past year, some of our neighbors have become our closest friends. It's not unusual for us to spent at least one afternoon/evening during the week with one of our neighbors. We've celebrated births, birthday's, we've helped landscape, done snow removal, played games, shared meals...the list goes on and on.

There's one particular family in our cul-de-sac that we don't see very often. With our different schedules it seems often the only times we ever connect is a quick wave as one is pulling into the driveway and the other pulls out. However, over the weekend this couple mentioned to us how sad they will be when/if they move, as they have never felt so loved and accepted by their neighbors! SERIOUSLY! We hardly ever see them, let alone spend anytime with them.

I've come to conclusion that building community doesn't mean that you have to be best friends. You don't have to spend loads of time together, or know ever detail about someone's life. You merely have to take the time to wave, to shout "hello" across the street, to shovel the sidewalk that connects the houses.

It's really not rocket science, and it certainly doesn't take much effort.

I love Laurel Place, and even now as it seems some changes will happen as new houses are built, and some original owners move on, I know that I will continue to love it. We're not only neighbors, we're friends. The bar for our community has already been set.


just bragging...

about my husband. I am married to the man who:
  • worked long hours all week
  • at 11:00pm Friday evening, drove to pick up friend who was stranded on the highway
  • got up early Saturday morning to get ready for a day of quadding
  • drove the opposite direction of the mountains to pick up his friends, before turning around the heading in the right direction
  • suffered through seasonal/outdoor allergies all weekend without so much as a complaint or brief whine session
  • let his wife tag along for a day of quadding through the snow/rain/sun/mud
  • arrived home after said day of quadding, only to manually help neighbor back fill
  • got up early Sunday morning to do BV's
  • taught 2&3 year olds about Jonah and obedience
  • vacuumed both the truck full of mud from previous day, and my vehicle
  • had a neighbor friend over who's in the process of making some huge decisions
  • cuddled wife before falling asleep
I am a blessed woman. The above list may be specific to this past weekend, but I could come up with a similar one everyday if needed.


best ever!

Since September, the grades 1-6 at DGCC have been learning about prayer. We've been using a great resource called PrayKids!. We've covered all sorts of topics from Praise, Confession, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Hearing God, Agreement, and even Why Prayer Works. It has been so incredible watching students as they discover that they can indeed hear God when they pray, and see how their prayers make a difference in our church and city. And it's been amazing in my own life, as once again I've been challenged in my personal prayer life (I love how God works like that in children's ministry!)

This Sunday we're talking about Authority/Submission, a loaded topic for sure (at least with adults!). I'll be using an umbrella to illustrate how authority/submission works (when you submit to authority you're protected, and under cover etc.).

In my preparation for this coming Sunday I came across the best ever umbrella and must share it with you...I absolutely love it, and can't help but giggle when I see it!

On a more serious note: as I prepare to teach on Authority/Submission, know that I am being taught. Bring on the rain, because I am under cover!!!


spring has sprung

You know it's officially spring in Lethbridge, when the wind is really blowing, followed by rain/snowfall.

Today, I've chosen to embrace the spring storm, as every spring this seems to be the norm. I've come to the conclusion that there's no use complaining about the seasonal weather, but rather to expect and accept anything.

I love the following words found in Daniel 2:21
"He changes the times and seasons.
He sets up kings.
He removes them from power.
The wisdom of those who are wise comes from him.
He gives knowledge to those who have understanding."

How true. Despite my wishes for warm sunny weather, the times and seasons change. And although at times I would wish for control, I can rest in the fact that HE is.

And so, today I choose to embrace change, knowing that it's inevitable.