And then it was June.

Where does time go?  How is it that 2012 is nearly half over already?  I feel as though reflecting back over the past few months is the same as look at a toddlers piece of art; crazy, confusing & yet beautiful.

I like feeling as though we're finally having moments where the sun is gracious enough to grace us with its presence.  Although this past winter wasn't particularly cold, it was extremely gloomy.  How nice to feel the warmth of the sun & watch life being breathed into nature once again.  I've enjoyed moments of being outside in the sunshine, basking in its warmth, while filling my lungs with the fresh air.  Hopefully this summer will be full of these refreshing moments spent outdoors with those nearest & dearest to me.

It's amazing how life get so busy at times that you feel as though you've shifted into autopilot.  Without a doubt, I could define my life this spring as being in autopilot.  It seems that sometime the end of March something shifted & I began just going through the motions.  Perhaps it was that I was done with the dreary, windy weather.  Or maybe it was caused by conversations & circumstances I found myself in.  Whatever initiated it, I'm now realizing the effects it's had on my outlook & attitude towards everything that has found it's way onto my "to do" list.

As life seems to be springing up all around me, I can't help but want to get in on vibrant freshness of the world.

The thing is, it takes more then just wanting to feel free & alive.  It takes a conscious decision to wake up with excitement for what the day holds.  It's up to me to choose to my attitude, it doesn't just happen.

And with that in mind, as the earth seems to be coming alive, I'm reminding myself that it's my choice to get in on the exciting new life springing up all around.  It's time to get out of autopilot & get on it with it.  So watch out, I'm ready to bloom.