When I grow up I want to be like Barbie

Check this little Barbie video out: click here

Actually, I just want to be like my mum.


human doing.

I have a very full life. From the responsibilities I face daily at work, the planning, the meetings, volunteering, keeping a (somewhat) clean house, family, keeping up with friends, being a friendly neighbor, sending and receiving e-mails, texts & phone calls, paying bills, being a wife...it seems there's always something to be doing.

It's interesting that in the full (or busy) life that I lead, I often feel very refreshed. I've come to understand that I'm not only a people person, but that crowds and activity seem to energize me. (This was an interesting discovery because at the time, as I was surrounded by introverted people who need time alone to have the same feeling I have nearly all the time.) It's been ages since I've been bored and have had nothing to do...and yet, I'm (generally) not exhausted.

I've heard the phrase before "we're human beings, not human doings." True. But how do I balance between "being" and "doing"?

The thing is that we've all been created differently. Just as there are no two fingerprints that are alike, there truly are no two people alike. And I've come to understand that my "doing" is also part my "being". It's just the way I've been wired. (Mind you, my heart and thoughts have to be in the right place in my "doing.")

It's ok, and perfectly normal for my life (at this point) to be very full. It's ok that often times I don't see my husband until we eat dinner (occasionally at 9:00pm). It's ok that I rarely get "me" time. It's ok that I don't remember sitting through a whole church service.

It's ok... because in all of this "doing" I truly believe that I'm just "being."