changing the world.

There’s a song that many Christians my age know and love called “History Maker.” I think the reason my generation loves it so much is b/c we all (including older and younger generations) desire to be remembered, to be noticed. If the only way we’ll achieve that is through making history, then we’re going to do it.

The sad thing is, how many thousands upon thousands of Christians have sung that song at the top of their lungs, but upon the song ending have nothing but a warm fuzzy feeling and no conviction to actually be a history maker?

For as much as I believe we want to make history and change history, I think we’re all to scared, to actually do it. Despite our desires to be remembered, and to be noticed, we’d rather not incase what we are remembered for, or noticed for is something that actually makes us out to be idiots.

I look at Jesus, the ultimate history maker and how people reacted to Him. He was an idiot in some people’s eyes yet made the biggest impact on history known to mankind. And still…I’m afraid I might be made out to be an idiot. That’s actually what makes me the idiot. My own insecurity.

There’s this phrase that I often hear from my co-workers and other people that I interact with on a regular basis that says “you’re here for such a time as this.” If that is in fact true what am I so insecure about? If I’d just get over my self and my own comfort level maybe I could in fact be a history maker.

I often tell people I desire to change the world one child at time. Pretty big statement, but
I honestly desire to

How? How do I change the world? How do I change a child? Lucky for me I’m in the perfect position to bring about change…whether I actually do or not is another story.

I interact with anywhere from 10-50 kids on a Sunday morning alone. The choices I make in how I act and react can bring about change. Do I bring joy and display love to a child? Or I am impatient and frustrated as I converse with a little one? How am I changing their view of themselves, or others, of God?

I also have the chance to speak truth and purpose and love into who knows how many kids lives every Saturday morning. Am I living a life of integrity? Am I living how I’m challenging kids to live?

What are you doing to change your world? Does your neighbor know that you love them more then you love yourself (if not you might want to make some changes…check out the second greatest commandment sometime).

Really what my life comes down to is loving God and loving people. Does God know that I love Him? Do others know that I love Him? Do other people know that I love THEM?

Am I really willing to stop saying I want to be a history maker and instead just BE ONE?

Changing the world starts in your own home. In your neighborhood. At your job. With your family. With your friends. Are you leaving people the same way you found them? Are you making an impact? If so, hopefully it’s a positive one. I pray that you and I will have the guts to be history makers…true, sold out, whatever it takes, history makers.

Grey Cup memories...

If you're Canadian you should know that yesterday was the Grey Cup (95th to be exact). Hopefully you also know that the Roughriders won and the Grey Cup is back where it belongs in Saskatchewan.

My parents hosted a Grey Cup party, which has become a tradition in our home. In fact, as a child I remember Grey Cup being the only time when we were allowed to eat in the living room. And actually for quite awhile Grey Cup was the only time when food was allowed out of the kitchen period.

And so, yesterday in true Dempsey fashion, we had food in the living room while watching the game. And to top it all off, the Riders won. It seriously doesn't get much better then that!

ps:The last time the Riders won the cup was in 1989...I won a pizza for that piece of trivia on Friday night!



Yesterday afternoon I headed to Medicine Hat with my incredibly amazing fiance and my wonderful mum.

Out little trip out there was so encouraging. You have no idea how much of blessing it is that my fiance is already part of my family...he loves them and they REALLY love him. I loved my time in the vehicle with two people that I love most in this world. The conversation was somewhat therapeutic.

We met up with my dad and a family friend at Starbucks upon arrival, which again was amazing. There's something about the bond between family and people who are practically family minus the same gene pool.

Finally we headed to the college to watch my cousin's quartet perform. You haven't heard jazz until you've listened to Jodi Proznick. World class musicians right there (check them out here)! To be completely honest, I'm generally not a jazz fan, but something about the music last night hit something within me. The memories and emotions that I experienced cannot be described.

Yesterday was a day of inspiration...and lack of sleep... :)


Only 117 more sleeps until I'm a Furukawa!!!


Big Brother

I've always wondered what it would be like to have a big brother. I've always wished for one to be "over protective of me," always looking for me. I've even tried to have older male friends replace that desire by being big brother-ish.

I actually do have a big brother. This is him. Only his name is Scott. He was born June 7, 1982. He lived to 23 days.


there's nothing quite like

my Starbucks coffee first thing in the morning in my to-go mug

hearing my fiance's voice on my way to work

reading an e-mail for a friend who lives 10 bazillion time zones away

being part of a community (both local and global [praise the Lord for the internet!])

hearing about engagement's and people expecing

feeling like I've accomplished something

feeling at ease b/c I know where I'll be living in 4 months (130 more sleeps to be exact)

hugs from the people who love me most


trying on my wedding dress

feeling at home

reading my Bible

that small voice inside giving me hope