Yesterday afternoon I headed to Medicine Hat with my incredibly amazing fiance and my wonderful mum.

Out little trip out there was so encouraging. You have no idea how much of blessing it is that my fiance is already part of my family...he loves them and they REALLY love him. I loved my time in the vehicle with two people that I love most in this world. The conversation was somewhat therapeutic.

We met up with my dad and a family friend at Starbucks upon arrival, which again was amazing. There's something about the bond between family and people who are practically family minus the same gene pool.

Finally we headed to the college to watch my cousin's quartet perform. You haven't heard jazz until you've listened to Jodi Proznick. World class musicians right there (check them out here)! To be completely honest, I'm generally not a jazz fan, but something about the music last night hit something within me. The memories and emotions that I experienced cannot be described.

Yesterday was a day of inspiration...and lack of sleep... :)

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