Grey Cup memories...

If you're Canadian you should know that yesterday was the Grey Cup (95th to be exact). Hopefully you also know that the Roughriders won and the Grey Cup is back where it belongs in Saskatchewan.

My parents hosted a Grey Cup party, which has become a tradition in our home. In fact, as a child I remember Grey Cup being the only time when we were allowed to eat in the living room. And actually for quite awhile Grey Cup was the only time when food was allowed out of the kitchen period.

And so, yesterday in true Dempsey fashion, we had food in the living room while watching the game. And to top it all off, the Riders won. It seriously doesn't get much better then that!

ps:The last time the Riders won the cup was in 1989...I won a pizza for that piece of trivia on Friday night!


michael lewis said...

We should have made Liam vacuum up his leavings.

Hail thee oh Saskatchewan!

catherine jayne said...

No! That's part of the fun...you can eat in the living, and leave a mess and you don't have to worry about it...until you're over 18...boo!


Green is the colour, and football is the game.
We were all together, and winning was our aim...