It's been awhile...

& I have so many thoughts rolling around in my head & noted all over the place.

In no particular order here's what's happening:

I'm thankful for Post-it notes, scrap paper & Notes on my iPhone & iPad.  Where would I be without the ability to jot down little reminders for myself?

Summer!  Although the past couple of months seem to be a blur, I'm so thankful for a break in the norm & some hot weather.  Honestly, summer has been really busy this year.  There's been quite a bit to cramp into a few weeks, but I've loved (nearly) every minute of it.  Despite the summer cold I'm still fighting, overall summer 2012 is a season to be remembered, full of family, friends & beautiful memories.

I've really missed writing.  It's been strange not to be blogging, or writing documents in Word, or flushing out thoughts in my journal.  It's time to get back at it, to start setting myself some goals & to follow through.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how my belief system needs to line up with my lifestyle.  It's easy to be "a sinner saved by grace."  When I sin, I ask for forgiveness.  The thing is the cycle continues & unless I make a conscious choice, nothing changes.  But something needs to change.

I also really miss reading!  It's been longer then I prefer since I last picked up a book, relaxed & just read.  My days have been so busy lately that it seems when I sit down to relax I'm just falling asleep, not reading.  This needs to change...soon.  So soon in fact that I'm planning on stopping to pick up a book or two this afternoon.

This coming autumn looks as though it'll bring a few more changes then just the leaves colours.  I like change.  I thrive in change.  I'm excited.  Perhaps I'll be changing my hairstyle soon as well just to get this ball rolling.