servant leadership

My to-do lists the past few weeks have been miles long. With everything from, finish laundry, up-date bulletin boards, write curriculum, and buy cream. To say my life has been busy would be a bit of an understatement. And in the midst of it all I have the incredible pleasure of meeting with people, listening to their stories, possibly shedding light into situations, and ultimately (HOPEFULLY!) shining Jesus.

As a leader in a church (or any place for that matter) my life should be an example to those around me. And quite possibly the most encouraging thing I've experienced during this busy time of my life has been the example of others in my life.

There is a handful of individuals in my world who constantly blow me away with their "whatever-it-takes" attitudes. People who have years of experience which should excuse them from menial tasks, and yet those are incredible people in my world who are the greatest examples. They are the first to arrive, last to leave, hard working, individuals that make me think, "when I'm "old" (they're really not OLD!) I want to be just like ________."

These few individuals to me are true leaders. They lead like Jesus, serving, not being served (Mark 10:45).

As a leader, I feel that if I need to learn anything, it's how to serve. To be just a willing (and happy!) to wash toilets, as to stand on a platform and speak to thousands.

To those in my life who lead in this manner, thank you. Thank you for being an example to me of what it means to lead like Jesus did.