relationships 101

About a week ago at connect group an individual shared with us about a relationship he has with someone from our church. He said it’s unlike any other relationship he has because neither of them intend to get anything out of their friendship. Someone else in the group stated that he on the other hand doesn’t have any relationships like this other individual, rather all of his relationships seem to have an agenda, whether it’s his agenda or someone else’s.

As this conversation continued it really got me thinking, how many friendships do we create for the sake of simply “being” and how often to we look at those relationships as a waste of time?

I’ve been told that there are three kinds of relationships we build
1. we expect someone to invest into us (we get something out of it)
2. someone expects us to invest into them (they get something out it)
3. neither of us get “anything” out of it necessarily, we just get to “be”

I truly believe we as humans have been created with a need to be in relationship. Unfortunately, life experiences will often determine how we look at those relationships, and which ones we choose to spend the most time working on, when in fact they’re all so important in ones development.

As we often state at The Family Room, it’s time to bring things back to the kitchen table, to place value on all relationships. Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at those you in your life that you have a relationship with, determine which relationships maybe need a bit more work then others. Are you missing out on “being”? Perhaps you spend all of your time investing into others and are being invested in yourself. Or maybe you’re quite selfish in your relationships and only think about what you can receive, rather then what you can give.

My challenge to you would be to think about your relationships and try to balance all three forms of relationships in your life. This could potentially mean dropping a few, and making some new ones.

Happy relationship building…


Sleigh Ride with the Marimba Ponies

Since Christmas is only 65 more sleeps away I thought I'd share this piece by the Marimba Ponies from Japan, to help get you in the Christmas spirit.

Right now I'm currently working on organizing our Christmas program here at Dominion GateWay Center, I can't help but dream of what our program would be like with a performance by these incredibly talented children!


Don't Vote

...or do.

My brother showed me this video yesterday, and although it's American I thought it was pretty good...and funny!

Feel free to laugh and not take this too seriously.



My eyes have really been opened to human trafficking the past few weeks. From someone like Christine Caine who has started the A21 Campaign (http://www.thea21campaign.org) to the e-mail I received from Relevant this morning talking about Call+Response (http://www.callandresponse.com). The stats on human trafficking are devastating. In Greece alone, 1838 women and children are sold for sex everyday!

The interesting thing is that this tragedy isn't only happening in developing countries and in Europe, it's happening in cities all across the world, including Lethbridge Alberta.
Yesterday a friend of mine shared how there are children being pimped out in my very own city!?!

Something must be done!

It's easy enough for those of us living in Westernized countries to pull out our cheque book and suddenly feel like we've made a difference. But what about the children attending the schools in our communities, passing us in the grocery stores and malls everyday...what about them?

It's time to take a good look at human trafficking everywhere and take a stand.

As far as what must be done, I've no clue, but believe me, I'm definitely going to find out.

"Never forget, justice the what love looks like in public."
- Dr. Cornel West


I'll take that back thank you very much.

Last weekend I was at a women's conference in Red Deer called 'One in a Million.' One of the speakers there was Christine Caine, a women from Australia who spoke numerous times while I was at college.
Although what she shared at the conference is very similar to messages I've heard in the past it was so refreshing to hear her speak. And even though Chris' messages were challenging, the best part about hearing her speak again is that I feel as though a piece of my heart that was left in Australia has been returned to me.
So thanks for that piece of my heart back Chris. I appreciate it.

children's ministry snapshot

Last night we had a "Family Forum" at church. It's an evening when we invite people to join us for an evening of chatting about what's happening in our church.

There have been a few changes made over the past few weeks at church including Matt & I taking over the children's ministry.

My senior pastor asked to briefly share what my heart is for children's ministry last night, and although I didn't articulate everything, this is my answer:
Being apart of this church is overwhelming to. Since before I graduated I knew I wanted to be in fulltime children's ministry. At 22 years old I feel as though I'm continually having to shake my head and remind myself that yes, this actually is my life.
It's such an honor and privilege to be in this position. My heart for children's ministry is to mentor and disciple children to be all that God has called and created them to be in their everday life. In that I also have a heart to mentor and disciple others to lead children as well.
We are making some changes in the children's ministry, some to take place immediately, others that will follow over time.
First of all, our nursery is becoming a place where mum's of babies are spending the majority of their morning. As a result we're working to make it a place where they feel welcome. Hopefully in the near future we'll have "hosts" who not only look after babies should moms desire, but who also encourage and empower mum's for the amazing job they have in raising children who love the Lord.
My heart is to create a registration team who's job is to create an "atmosphere" as parents register their children for our morning programs, welcoming parents and children making them feel special and accepted.
In grades 1-6 we would love to see more youth & young adults stepping into places of leadership by leading worship, speaking, and leading activities and games. In the very near future we will be doing a 5 week curriculum called Hope Lives, where we will be helping children respond to poverty worldwide.

I find new seasons exciting. I love change! I also love children. I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks in children's ministry.

Keep posted for more changes and progress as we expand and grow the children's ministry at our church.

ps:Logo to come soon :)