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Last night we had a "Family Forum" at church. It's an evening when we invite people to join us for an evening of chatting about what's happening in our church.

There have been a few changes made over the past few weeks at church including Matt & I taking over the children's ministry.

My senior pastor asked to briefly share what my heart is for children's ministry last night, and although I didn't articulate everything, this is my answer:
Being apart of this church is overwhelming to. Since before I graduated I knew I wanted to be in fulltime children's ministry. At 22 years old I feel as though I'm continually having to shake my head and remind myself that yes, this actually is my life.
It's such an honor and privilege to be in this position. My heart for children's ministry is to mentor and disciple children to be all that God has called and created them to be in their everday life. In that I also have a heart to mentor and disciple others to lead children as well.
We are making some changes in the children's ministry, some to take place immediately, others that will follow over time.
First of all, our nursery is becoming a place where mum's of babies are spending the majority of their morning. As a result we're working to make it a place where they feel welcome. Hopefully in the near future we'll have "hosts" who not only look after babies should moms desire, but who also encourage and empower mum's for the amazing job they have in raising children who love the Lord.
My heart is to create a registration team who's job is to create an "atmosphere" as parents register their children for our morning programs, welcoming parents and children making them feel special and accepted.
In grades 1-6 we would love to see more youth & young adults stepping into places of leadership by leading worship, speaking, and leading activities and games. In the very near future we will be doing a 5 week curriculum called Hope Lives, where we will be helping children respond to poverty worldwide.

I find new seasons exciting. I love change! I also love children. I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks in children's ministry.

Keep posted for more changes and progress as we expand and grow the children's ministry at our church.

ps:Logo to come soon :)

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