My eyes have really been opened to human trafficking the past few weeks. From someone like Christine Caine who has started the A21 Campaign (http://www.thea21campaign.org) to the e-mail I received from Relevant this morning talking about Call+Response (http://www.callandresponse.com). The stats on human trafficking are devastating. In Greece alone, 1838 women and children are sold for sex everyday!

The interesting thing is that this tragedy isn't only happening in developing countries and in Europe, it's happening in cities all across the world, including Lethbridge Alberta.
Yesterday a friend of mine shared how there are children being pimped out in my very own city!?!

Something must be done!

It's easy enough for those of us living in Westernized countries to pull out our cheque book and suddenly feel like we've made a difference. But what about the children attending the schools in our communities, passing us in the grocery stores and malls everyday...what about them?

It's time to take a good look at human trafficking everywhere and take a stand.

As far as what must be done, I've no clue, but believe me, I'm definitely going to find out.

"Never forget, justice the what love looks like in public."
- Dr. Cornel West

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