there's nothing quite like

my Starbucks coffee first thing in the morning in my to-go mug

hearing my fiance's voice on my way to work

reading an e-mail for a friend who lives 10 bazillion time zones away

being part of a community (both local and global [praise the Lord for the internet!])

hearing about engagement's and people expecing

feeling like I've accomplished something

feeling at ease b/c I know where I'll be living in 4 months (130 more sleeps to be exact)

hugs from the people who love me most


trying on my wedding dress

feeling at home

reading my Bible

that small voice inside giving me hope


michael lewis said...

Small voice?

Are you sure you don't need medical treatment? Perhaps Lexapro or Xanax?

Princess Jones said...

oooo "where you'll be living in 4 months"... does this mean you found a place? I haven't talked to you for a while and last I knew you guys were looking... what's the story??