"Fear of change comes from a shallow relationship with Jesus. People fear change because they've lost their focus on Jesus. Change isn't only about instituting something new or eliminating the status quo. Change is about our growing relationship with Jesus. If that relationship is growing and deepening, so are we. And our ability to face the future and respond to change in positive ways grows, too."
-Bill Easum

Maybe, yes.

Change is inevitable.

I've come to realize that even more over the past few months. From changes in relationships, to changes in location, to changes in careers. It seems that every time I turn around, or answer another phone call, or read another e-mail something is changing.

How true (at least in my life, perhaps not in yours) that how I cope with change comes down to my relationship with Jesus. If things are good between us change doesn't seem so hard to handle. Or maybe it still is hard to handle, but I'm more ok with it because I have a greater sense of who's got it all under control when I clearly have no control.
On the other hand, I can always tell when I've let my relationship with Jesus slip because that's when I get more stressed over what should be a simple change.

I know in my head that God is in control. I know that He loves me and that He wouldn't bring me to different places in my life to abandon me. But there's a difference in knowing that in my head and getting a revelation of it in my heart.

Change is inevitable. How I deal with it, how much I trust God with it, how closely I cling to the promises of the Bible, is up to me.

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Family Room Team said...

Well thought out CJ.....Love it.