written for thefamilyroom

I recently wrote this for thefamilyroom blog (you can check it out here) It won't be up for a couple more weeks, but I thought I'd share it on here as well...

Being only 21 and not yet married (although the count down is on…146 more sleeps!), I’m sure it would seem odd that I’m involved in something that’s all about building up family when I don’t even have my own. But I do come from a GREAT family, which makes me passionate about the fact that EVERY family should be GREAT!

Through my job I have the privilege of interacting with many families, and I really enjoy watching how families function as a unit.

I’ve come to the conclusion that destiny of a family relies on relationships. There are numerous families everywhere that have fallen (or are falling) apart because of poor relationships. And it breaks my heart. Even families that appear strong in my world seem to be breaking apart at the seams.

A little while ago I made my brother and sister promise that we’d never hate each other. Now, we’re a pretty tight bunch, so I doubt that would really ever happen, and I credit our close relationships to my parents. James, Jillian and I never had the option of fighting with each other. And if there was ever an issue we were required to talk it through, apologize and FORGIVE each other meaning NO GRUDGES!

Now, years later with two of us out of the house we’re all the best of friends. Thanks to communication at an early age we’ve created a safe place where we can share our minds and hearts and know that the other person isn’t going to judge or resent us for what we think.

In some cases redemption between siblings may be too late (or so it seems…there’s always hope), but in your own family it’s never too late to start you kids off respecting and loving each other.

As a child there were times when I’d be more angry at my mum then at my brother or sister because she made us figure things out. Now, I can’t thank her enough for helping me build relationships with my best friends.

I love you, and you’re family!