just bragging...

about my husband. I am married to the man who:
  • worked long hours all week
  • at 11:00pm Friday evening, drove to pick up friend who was stranded on the highway
  • got up early Saturday morning to get ready for a day of quadding
  • drove the opposite direction of the mountains to pick up his friends, before turning around the heading in the right direction
  • suffered through seasonal/outdoor allergies all weekend without so much as a complaint or brief whine session
  • let his wife tag along for a day of quadding through the snow/rain/sun/mud
  • arrived home after said day of quadding, only to manually help neighbor back fill
  • got up early Sunday morning to do BV's
  • taught 2&3 year olds about Jonah and obedience
  • vacuumed both the truck full of mud from previous day, and my vehicle
  • had a neighbor friend over who's in the process of making some huge decisions
  • cuddled wife before falling asleep
I am a blessed woman. The above list may be specific to this past weekend, but I could come up with a similar one everyday if needed.

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