best ever!

Since September, the grades 1-6 at DGCC have been learning about prayer. We've been using a great resource called PrayKids!. We've covered all sorts of topics from Praise, Confession, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Hearing God, Agreement, and even Why Prayer Works. It has been so incredible watching students as they discover that they can indeed hear God when they pray, and see how their prayers make a difference in our church and city. And it's been amazing in my own life, as once again I've been challenged in my personal prayer life (I love how God works like that in children's ministry!)

This Sunday we're talking about Authority/Submission, a loaded topic for sure (at least with adults!). I'll be using an umbrella to illustrate how authority/submission works (when you submit to authority you're protected, and under cover etc.).

In my preparation for this coming Sunday I came across the best ever umbrella and must share it with you...I absolutely love it, and can't help but giggle when I see it!

On a more serious note: as I prepare to teach on Authority/Submission, know that I am being taught. Bring on the rain, because I am under cover!!!

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