Easter doesn't end on Monday.

I love Easter! Basically I'm a huge sucker for candy & sweets, so any excuse to put myself into a sugar comma is my favourite. I'm a huge fan of family, any excuse to get together & celebrate is a good excuse to me. I also love all that Easter represents; unconditional love, forgiveness, hope...

Easter weekend tends to be one of my favourite weekends in church as well. My whole faith system is built around this one weekend. That God would send His perfect, one & only Son to pay the ultimate sacrifice for all sins, and then to defeat death by raising from the dead...the very thought is completely overwhelming as I consider the incredible love shown.

I'm positive that the best thing about Easter is that it doesn't end on Easter Monday. Easter continues day after day after day, as I'm reminded of my Saviour's love in the beauty I witness in creation, as I receive His grace & forgiveness for the thousandth time through those who are a part of my everyday life & as I remember that I get to be apart of the Big God Story, beginning with Creation, including Easter, my life & all that follows.

Although the sugar comma continues for a few days following the fabulous visit of the Easter Bunny, Easter itself continues & will never ever end.

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