Jesus Feeds 5000

Yesterday morning at DGC something pretty darn awesome happened. While transitioning the service my senior pastor, Wayne Boersma, shared about Jesus feeding the 5000 (Matthew 14:13-23 & John 6:1-15).

Following transition, offering, announcements, the kids were dismissed & what do you think we talked about in Kingdom Park with our gr.1-6 kids? You guessed it, Jesus feeding the 5000!

Although I've experienced similar situations in my life before, where it seems as though God has totally orchestrated something no matter how simple, it was pretty wonderful to be able to see kids faces light up when they realized that what we were going to spend the morning talking about, was exactly what Pastor Wayne had already introduced.

Our focus in Kingdom Park was on Jesus having compassion. Prior to this incredible miracle of increase, Jesus found out that his cousin, John the Baptist, had been beheaded. Jesus had withdrawn, no doubt to mourn the loss of His cousin, the one who had prepared the way for Him. However, being Jesus & all, the crowds just followed Him, basically to the middle of nowhere.

In the midst of Jesus grieving it says "he had compassion on them" (Matthew 13:14). For real!?! Let me tell you the last thing on my mind in the midst of my hurt, pain & loss is compassion. Yet here's Jesus, caring for people & healing the sick!

And the thing that really stuck out to me, and continues to ring true in the back of my mind is this:
He has compassion on ME. Wow. Here I am in this season of confusion, loss & change, & He has compassion on me.

The best part of it all though, is that He has compassion on you too!

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