Mother's Day Prayer

Generally at DGC, following worship, offering & announcements the children are dismissed to head off to DGKids. Usually their dismissal is proceeded by a prayer of blessing over them, asking God to touch their lives. Yesterday, being Mother's Day, we did our dismissal a wee bit different. Rather then asking parents/grandparents etc. to lay hands on their children, I asked the children to lay hands on their moms/grandmas/aunts etc. and led them in the following "repeat after me" prayer:

Thank You Father,
For putting me
In the same family,
As this amazing woman.
I thank You
That she loves You
With all her heart,
And that she shows me
That love everyday.
Thank You
That she has determined
To help me
Learn more about You,
And for being an example
Of how to follow You.
May she be blessed
This morning,
As she continues
To worship
And learn more
About You.
We both love You so much!
In Jesus' Name we pray,

It was something fun, a little bit different, but most importantly something to bring honour & blessing to the most fabulous women in our lives!

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