Lesson 2 from a week at camp

We all know that just like snowflakes, no two people are alike. But there are some amazing similarities between people...
While I was at camp last week, I had an incline to head to the climbing wall. My mum and I arrived at the climbing wall before the group of campers that was about to brave this massive structure. At long last cabin 5 arrived. One of the girls seemed very familiar to me. She totally reminded me of a little boy from Lethbridge that I've had the privilege of spending some time with.

The climbing wall instructors began to go through the safety procedures and before I knew it this little was reminding me even more of the little boy back in Lethbridge. I quickly discovered that the little girl (like the little boy back in Lethbridge) had Asperger Syndrome. Although it was aware to my mum and I that this little girl had Asperger's, the climbing wall instructors were unaware of her condition and were having a difficult time communicating with her.

God taught me a lot about His faithfulness in that moment.

The only time that I was ever at the climbing wall was when cabin 5 was there...the only cabin with a child who had mild autism. That would have been a very frustrating activity for not only the instructors, and the little girl with Aspergers, but also for the other girls in cabin. What an honor to have been there in that moment to come alongside and provide some support.

Thank you God for that "incline," and the opportunity to spend some time with a family at home in Lethbridge that deals with autism daily.

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