remembering someone great.

Her apple pies and shortbread were to die for! I remember at Christmas having tin upon tin full of her amazing shortbread. My grandpa McEachern loved it as well, she always made sure to make him a tin of his own. When she made apple pie she would always make enough to stock the deep freeze for a few months.
Although I didn't appreciate them much when I was young her cabbage rolls were among the best I've ever had.
She was one of the Roughriders biggest fans. You could always tell when a football game was on because she would be yelling at the TV telling the team and the coach what they should be doing to win.
For many years she was quite quiet and reserved. She didn't really need to say anything though, her actions spoke far louder then her words ever did. Never once did you doubt that she loved you.
She was completely dedicated. For years she would be at church one hour before the service to ensure the coffee was on for the time of fellowship before the service began.
It was only in the past few years that she really came out of the shell she had hidden for so long. She was a joyous person, so encouraging and friendly. Everyone around her knew her and loved her. She always said "hello" to those passing by. And never passed up a moment to give a hug and wet kiss.
I realize that it's through God's incredible mercy that the suffering was short, not only for her, but for those who love her most. The end couldn't have come a better way. She has now graduated to a far greater place...

I love her so dearly and she will forever be missed by many.

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