for real.

I have a friend who owns at store in downtown Lethbridge called Edit: stylish and sustainable shopping.

"The goal of Edit is to help clients make ethically smart shopping choices, while not sacrificing style. We as consumers need to refine the way that we shop, to really think about what is behind what we are buying and to feel good that our decisions to play a part to better the world around us."

The thing that I love about this shoppe (besides the fact that they provide fair trade and eco-friendly product) is the person behind it. The shoppe owner not only provide great products that are great for the world, but she stands behind her commitment. There have been numerous times that I have seen her riding her bike downtown since she doesn't own a vehicle - just one more way to better the world.

I work in a field where hypocrisy if often seen. Although I believe it's absolutely true that no human is perfect and people will always sin and make mistakes, it's heart breaking to think that so many have trouble sticking to their commitments.

James 5:12b sticks out in my mind where it states:
"Let your "Yes" be yes, and your "No," be no, or you will condemned."
How easy it is to say, yet so hard to actually follow through. Perhaps rather then spouting out commitments with empty emotions it's time to stop and think about what the follow through will look like, and what it will cost!

So to my shoppe owner friend:
I applaud and stand in awe of you! Thank you for sticking to your commitment. Thank you for "practicing what you preach." I have much to learn from you.

To my other friends out there, I challenge you (just as I challenge myself) - "Let your "Yes" be yes, and your "No," be no..."

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