a new tradition

Father's Day is just around the corner. This time last year my husband and I were stressing (as we do with most special events and holidays) as we had to plan and ultimately choose which family we'd celebrate with. I know it's completely possible to celebrate one the day before/after, but it seems someone's feeling always end up being hurt. For my husband and I holidays have tended to be a time of dread as we feel like we're on egg shells in attempt to keep both sides happy.

The worst part is both of our families are in the same city...it's not as though we have the option of actually leaving to visit the other in attempts to keep everything "fair."

And so, as I'm sure it is with many couples, weekends that should be filled with laughter and memories, have also included a bit of bitterness and resentment...until Mother's Day '09.

We had decided to join my family for Mother's Day this year since my grandma from Regina, SK was going to be around. Once again we were preparing to drop the news to the other side of the family, when something life changing (perhaps even a miracle) happened.

In one quick phonecall two families merged for an incredible afternoon. And in that a new tradition was born.

And so this Father's Day rather then facing Sunday with dread, it's a day we're ALL looking forward to, as once again the two families will join to celebrate together.

No more choosing side for my husband and I, because really, we're all on the same side...are we not?

I often comment on how lucky I am to have such incredible inlaws that I get along with so well. I now get to comment on how lucky I am to have such incredible parents (on both sides!) because holidays and special events are now all inclusive, rather then exclusive.

I so look forward to what Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter etc. will bring as we unite rather then divide.

To all my juggling, struggling-to-balance-the-families friends out there...if it's possible, just make it happen! Why not invite everyone over to your place? If the expense of hosting the family is burden make your celebration potluck style.

Start a new tradition and create new memories!

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