the fingers pointing back at me.

I recently engaged in a bit of a debate on facebook. I'm normally not one to get involved in heated discussions (EVER), but a comment made triggered something within me that I can't contain.

I think it's quite easy as humans to point the finger at the person next to us. It seems there's always someone who's done something "worse," and therefore leaves us feeling slightly justified in our own sins.

As a believer is I find this even more prevalent in the church as we look at those who aren't apart of our "elite country club" and can not only point one finger, but many. Not to mention other believers who sin as well...
tsk, tsk, tsk.

The problem ultimately, is that God does not rate sin. In His eyes, it's all equally bad.

I'm often reminded of the story in John 8 where the Pharisees bring the woman caught in adultery to Jesus.
"Teacher, this woman was caught having sex with a man who was not her husband. In the Law, Moses commanded us to kill such women by throwing stones at them. Now what do you say?" (John 8:4-5 NIRV)
And Jesus, being in the incredible man that He is bends down and writes in the sand with his finger. As the Pharisees continue to question Him, he stands up and replies,
"Has any one of you not sinned? Then you be the first to throw as stone at her." (John 8:7 NIRV)
Jesus bends back down and continues to write in the sand. And eventually of course everyone leaves.

The woman may not have been stoned, but every time I read this I feel as though I catch a stone right in my gut. So often I look at those around me and can't help but to judge, and compare their sin to mine. How wrong!

You know that saying about how every time you point your finger at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you? Who am I to judge others sins when I gossip? lie? covet? ...

I do however believe that as believers we should be keeping one another accountable for our actions, words and thoughts...but, I also believe that there should be relationship in place before you start keeping someone accountable. And please, let accountability be as far as it goes. Let God be the one to deal with issues - He's the ONLY one who can bring the conviction to change a life and a heart.

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