appreciation for the desert

Physically, I sometimes feel like I live in a desert. The climate is dry, and as a result, the roots of trees go deep to get the nutrients they need. As a result when the wind comes (and trust me it comes!) the trees may bend, but because their roots are deep its very rare that a tree gets uprooted.

In other places around the world where there's more moisture, roots grow horizontally rather then vertically to get nutrients. However, when fierce winds come, it's much easier for these trees to be uprooted as there is no depth.

Isn't it interesting how when we find ourselves in desert places we often complain about the lack of nutrients and feelings of being dry. But, it's during those times that our roots grow deep as we can't receive the nutrients we need from the surface (getting the nutrients we need produces shallowness...). It's the desert places that we gain the strength needed to withstand the storms we face.

I find it interesting that within Christian circles people often make comments about wanting "mountain top experiences". Please understand that I'm not discrediting those experiences, but have you ever noticed that there is no growth on the mountain top?

Although being in the desert is uncomfortable (I despise dry skin!), it's where I find myself growing deeper.

Perhaps being the desert isn't such a bad thing after all...

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