lessons to be learned from Saint Nicholas

Working with kids during the Christmas season has many challenges as well as joys. With kids coming for various backgrounds it's always interesting trying to include everyone in the festivities of the season, not to mention the fact that some families are able to enjoy a much more lush holiday then others...
PLUS, working at church the very mention of Santa carries its own issues with it...but perhaps the church (as a whole) could learn a few things from Santa.

Have you ever noticed how Santa is never seen as angry or grumpy? And yet, how many of us turn this way during the FESTIVE holiday season?
Santa gives without wanting anything in return. However, how often do we give with ulterior motives?
Santa is rarely seen when he gives! I have yet to give a Christmas gift that isn't clearly labeled "FROM CATHERINE".

And the list could go on and on.
Maybe its time that Christians stop condemning this very influential figure and rather learn from his ways.

Truth be told, Saint Nicholas' ways were learned from the one that the church attempts to put in the spotlight during the season.

I totally believe that the spotlight should stay on Jesus, the one that came in the form of a baby to save the world, but perhaps Santa is just one more way to illuminate the baby laying in the manger this holiday season.

Perhaps instead of viewing Santa as the "enemy" of our Christian holiday we need to start looking at him as an ally.

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