the reason why...

A little while ago I received mail from a local high school. Enclosed was a letter from a student attending there that my husband and I have the privilege of serving with weekly in children's ministry. The first paragraph in this letter included the following statement, "important people in my life." At reading this I was overwhelmed. This particular student has always been "too old" to be in children's ministry for as long as my husband and I have been involved, and yet, we were included in the list of "important people."

A few Sunday's ago, before church started, Matt and I were talking with some friends of ours, while their three young girls patiently waited. After our conversation, as we were preparing to head to our seats, one of their daughters asked if she could sit with us. During the course of praise and worship, their other two children ended up standing with us as well.

About a week ago, I went to listen to a certain grade six boy as his school band played at the local music festival. As I sat in theater waiting for them to begin playing this grade six boy proceeded to wave and flash the biggest smile ever.

And those are just a few reasons of why I do what I do...

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