Recently my thoughts have been on the commandments, both the 10 Commandments & what Jesus says are the two most important Commandments.

About a month ago I was part of a conversation with a woman who commented on how her "children know the 10 Commandments; they know what's right and wrong." Although, at the time I was quite impressed (I know the 10 Commandments, I'm not sure I could quote them verbatim and, I'm also 24, not 8!), I can't help but think perhaps something is missing.

While it's good for us to be aware of what is right and wrong, there must be a reason as to why Jesus seems to care about loving God & loving others more then we care about rules & laws.

The problem I think is that really loving people can get messy. At times its as though you're put in positions of having to choose sides. Or, perhaps when you choose "loving" over "judging" you become the one being judged for "condoning" or "enabling".

The truth is, it's much easier to stick to the 10 Commandments. They're straight forward. The law is black & white, as opposed to unconditional love, which I believe is gray, as it cares not about whether what you're doing is classified as "black" or "white".

If Jesus could love in spite of the rules being broken, somehow I must be able to as well. Unfortunately, more value is often placed on the rules then on people, which is where Jesus shows us an opposite way of doing life. People are important, and who they are is not tied up in what they do.

Although I believe living right is important, I'm fairly confident that loving God & loving people has even greater importance. As a result 2 greatest commandments that have been written in red, will be the 2 commandments that I focus on keeping.

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