Twenty Seven Million

There’s a song that has just come available today on iTunes in Canada that I purchased first thing this morning.

I can’t say that I’m necessarily in love with the music, I am however in love with lyrics & the cause.

Twenty Seven Million, by Matt Redman & LZ7, is a song to fight human trafficking. Partnering with the A21 campaign, all proceeds from this song are going towards fighting modern day slavery.

Roll Up the Rim, a Canadian tradition at Tim Horton’s, is currently happening. When I think of the cost of a coffee as opposed to the $1.29 I paid for Twenty Seven Million, I can’t help but think there’s absolutely no comparison. The value of any prize won at Timmy’s doesn’t even come close to the value of freedom.

Today, if you’re contemplating spending loose change on a coffee, can I challenge you to reconsider? Do something today to change the world. Be someone’s freedom. Let your actions speak out against human trafficking.

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Anonymous said...

I heart this statement. There are many things you and I will see die out in our lifetime, let's hope human trafficking is one of them.