Oh, the weekends...

I love summer.  I love the sunshine, the heat, the thunderstorms, the sandals, breezy sleeveless tops, skirts, pedicures, sunglasses, long weekends, camp fires, BBQ's...I could go on & on.  I really just love summer.

One of my all time favourite things about summer is my weekends.  Matt & I both grew up camping & consider it a favourite past time.  As a result we make a point of using our trailer as often as we can.  The truth is, it's a lot of work for us to get away for the weekend.  We lead incredibly busy lives between family, work & all sorts of other things we find ourselves involved in.  Often times our weekends end up starting Friday evening after work & end bright & early Sunday morning before work.  Between Matt's job & mine it's difficult for us to get a full weekend away.  Yet, we still take as much time as often as possible to escape to our "home on wheels."  We've recently gotten water toys that really add to our time of relaxing as we escape to the lake for hours at a time.  Weekends that we aren't able to get away for our glorious 24 hours, we take the opportunity to get away for 2-4 hours on the water.

Although it requires work to get away, there is something to refreshing about being away from all the busyness found at home, in our offices & continually pestering us on our phones.  Not only are these weekends physically refreshing as we relax (once we FINALLY get away BEFORE we have to pack up again), but there's something that refreshes our souls as well.

I love that summer lends itself to weekends away in our trailer, or afternoons on the water.  I love the refreshing that takes place as I escape from my normal life of fluorescent lights to the calm of the warm sunshine.

This is why from Victoria Day in May, until Labour Day in September I live for the weekends.

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