The Why or the What?

Since I rely heavily on volunteers through my job, whenever possible I try to volunteer myself as I know how hard it is to find volunteers.

This past weekend I was volunteering at a Speed Skating Meet in Lethbridge, AB. Both my dad and younger sister are members of the Lethbridge Speed Skating Association, and it was a massive honour to volunteer at something that they're both involved in.

My job at the meets is to ring the bell. The bell signifies to the lead racer that they are on their last lap. Although technically the position is titled "Lap Counter" I prefer to be called the bell ringer. Having a job like that is just more proof that I work with kids :)

This past weekend I worked with two individuals to lap count/ring the bell. One of which was a young woman from Calgary who is a speed skater herself. Upon meeting early Friday morning she proudly proclaimed that she was "lead lap counter."


That introduction got me thinking...how often are we more concerned about our title, rather then the tasks at hand?

I know that there have been moments in my life where I get so hyped on my position or title that I loose sight of the reason for the position or title. I forget the "why" behind the "what."
In my work titles tend to mean lots, and it quickly becomes evident who is all about the title, and who's all about the task. There are those I've met in my field who hide behind their title, and spend the majority of their time on their rusty dusty.

After this weekend I was personally challenged to keep the "why" more important then that "what." I do what I do because I love kids and I love seeing them come into a relationship with their creator. That's what its all about...not my seat on the front row, not my nice office, not the trips or meetings, the conferences, reserved parking spots...

My prayer is that my "what" would never become more important then my "why."

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