You Give and Take Away

The past few days have been flooded with many emotions.

A good friend of the family just came out of intensive care. After heart surgery a week and a half ago, many prayers went up for him and his family as he fought for his life. What a relief for many when he finally came out of intensive care. Prayers continue to go up for this wonderful man, yet it seems as though the worst is over.

And while there was much rejoicing it was shadowed by mourning.

In the same city that my family friend was recovering in, a family member passed away. Although the family was somewhat prepared for this loss, its never easy to cope with death.

One of my favorite songs includes the following line:
"You give and take away.
You give and take away.
My heart will choose to say
Lord blessed be Your name."

As I've been caught in between rejoicing and mourning it seems this is pretty much sums up what I'm feeling.

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