little identity crisis

I was named after the fabulous, completely inspiring Katherine. But when I was born my dad wanted my name to be spelled with "C" so he could call me CJ. "CJ" caught on and some family members and a select few close friends have used those two letters to identify me over the years.
In January of 2005 I was introduced a "CJ" for the first time, and the name stuck. For two years of my life I was know exclusively as "CJ" and it was very rare that "Catherine" was ever used.
December of 2006 was the last time that I would introduce myself as "CJ," until The Edge...
One Friday morning a month I get to be "CJ," unless you tune into The Miracle Channel on Saturday mornings.

I used to joke about my "little identity crisis" as I went from being "Catherine" to "CJ" and then back again.
The truth is, my identity isn't found in my name.

I know who I am, because I know whose I am.

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