not alone

I'm people-orientated. To me, people are far more important then a task, and I love being surrounded by bodies. Put me in a busy shopping center, at a conference, sporting event, festival, anywhere you find loads of people and I'm more then happy!

The office I work in is has been quite quiet since last Wednesday, and will continue to be quiet until September 1st. Summer tends to be a bit slower in the office as it is, but for the remainder of August while staff members are on holidays its exceptionally slow and BORING. Basically its totally brutal for a people lover.

Today while sitting in my lonely, quite office, while thinking about how much I dislike being alone, someone stopped by. It was glorious, even though brief. But before my visitor left she said something that completely changed my outlook on the next week and a half.

"You are not alone. You may think you're alone, but you're not. You have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit with you."

How true, and how quick am I to forget.

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