good genes

This week has been abnormally busy. And by busy I mean absolutely crazy!

I'm one lucky girl because even though its been outrageous in my life, I have one amazing, super supportive, always encouraging, best cheerleader on the planet husband (and he's hot, which is an added bonus), not to mention the fact that I live in the same city as my incredible parents who go out of their way to help others.

Case in point, my brother goes to a college where he's involved with the men's volleyball team. This weekend his team will be playing the college in my city. Pretty sweet as it means a chance to see my brother. Earlier this week my brother texted my mum saying that they were having trouble finding a hotel to stay in over the weekend. So naturally (although unnatural to others) she offered to let the team stay at their place. Keep in mind this is 15-ish, 6 foot-something, athletic men.

The main reason this comes so naturally to my mum is that my grandparents (her parents) were the same - opened their home. There was always an extra seat at the table, and more then enough food for whoever happened to stop by. Although I don't remember my great grandma, I can only imagine that she was the same. I'm convinced that this gift of hospitality has been passed on from generation, to generation - it has to be genetic.

In saying that, on Thursday evening, the men's volleyball team will be at my parents house, and the ladies...at mine.

And for this I'm truly thankful! Will it be crazy? Likely. Will it be exhausting? I'm sure. Will it be a blessing to the 15-ish people who enter my home? I certainly hope so.

My prayer is that those at my home, would leave the same as those who stay at my parents...well taken care of, physically and spiritually/emotionally.

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