The past few months I've become hugely aware of how selfish I am. Overall, I think its easy for me to identify how selfish OTHERS are, and yet often I'm less then willing to admit my own struggles with selfishness.

The truth is, everyone is selfish. I've come to the conclusion that all sin is caused by selfishness. Why else would I lie, gossip, overindulge, be jealous, greedy... I do it because of ME. Thinking of my SELF, rather then anyone else in my life, or the world for that matter.

I've been told in the past how much of a "servant" I am. This is partially due to the fact that I was raised in a home where an attitude of "whatever it takes" was cultivated. I learned quite early in my life that there are times when you just need to do whatever is needed. But that's only part of the reason why people would see me as a "servant." The other contributing factor is my self. Honestly, there have been times were I've served in some capacity with the sole purpose of getting something in return...whether it be a reward, thanks or recognition, there are many times I can think of where my motives have been less then pure. Again with the selfishness.

The problem is that selfish ambition is part of my sinful nature. (Galatians 5:16-21)

And once again I'm painfully aware of my need for Jesus and the help of Holy Spirit in my life.

The amazing and hugely interesting part of my sinful nature as described in Galatians is that it's followed by the fruit of the Spirit. I have a choice, I can live by the Spirit, or I can gratify my self. Unfortunately it's not a one time decision to choose living by the Spirit, rather a conscious decision nearly






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