Spiritual Parenting

Call me crazy, but currently some of my favorite books are parenting books. Although I don't have any children of my own, I do have 30-ish children in my life on a regular basis that I have the incredible honor and privilege of influencing.

Recently I read an incredible book called Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony. Truly a must read!

Unfortunately I think often times parents rate their parenting skills according to their children's behavior. The truth is, parenting is about much more then just behavior. I truly believe behavior is secondary to hearts that love God. When hearts are devoted to God, behavior will begin to fall in line with that.

The same is true for all people though, not just children. How often are we concerned with behavior, rather then looking at hearts? There has to be a direct link from the way we talk and act to what is within our hearts.

The great thing about reading Spiritual Parenting is that it only challenged the way I do children's ministry, but also challenged my personal life because it's really not about behavior, mine or anyone elses, it all has to do with the heart.

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