be good.

Being a twenty-something, I realize there are still many things for me to learn. However, in these twenty-something years, I think that I've gained quite a bit of knowledge and experience from several situations and seasons I've found myself in. I'm more then willing to admit that I'm not an expert in many areas, and yet there are a few things that I'm fairly convinced I have a pretty good grasp on...

Being someone who works with people on a daily basis, and in particular with children one thing that I'm quite certain of is that people will be as good as you expect them to be, or as bad as you allow them to be.

This isn't an earth shattering realization, and probably the best example of this can be seen in my own life. When expectations are placed on me to do/act/be/create/achieve etc. I more often than not will come to the party. However, when there are no expectations I will be exactly what I'm allowed to be.

In the end there should be absolutely not surprises. When clear expectations are in place, they will be respected and met...it may take a couple of tries, but ultimately that's what we as humans do.

And so being the twenty-something that I am, I know that I need to expect something of myself. I need to expect that I will be kind, loving, gracious, forgiving, generous, welcoming, faithful, patient...my list can go on and on and on. Ultimately my expectations of myself are to be good and to do good.

What about you? What guidelines (or lack thereof) are in your life?

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