It seems over the past few weeks (possibly even months) that "redemption" has been a common theme. Whether it's in conversations, e-mails, DVD's, sermons, or children's ministry curriculum, this topic keeps coming up.

I can't help but think that perhaps it's because God's heart is for redemption, and He really just wants us (or at least me!) to "get it."

If you look throughout the Bible, it's plain to see how God's heart is to redeem His people back to Him. Ever since sin entered the world, a plan has been set in motion for redemption to take place. In fact, the whole gospel message is redemptive.

The question then comes, why this recurring theme?
Perhaps because I sometimes lose sight of the big picture, and what the Big God Story that I'm apart of is all about. Perhaps it's because this plan isn't only played out in my life, but in the lives of those I encounter. Perhaps because redemption is much bigger then praying & believing in Christ.

God's heart is for redemption. Between people & Himself. Between people & people.

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