What's of Value?

In conversations recently it's been amazing to me to realize what people put value on (myself included when I really take a good look at examining myself). It boggles my mind how at times things that are lies can receive more value, rather then truth.

A gentleman I know made a statement back in January that has stuck in the back of my mind, he talked about being Christ-conscious, rather then sin-conscious. The truth is, often times we focus more on our sins, or the wrongs in our lives, rather then on God & His incredible grace. In essence, we end up giving more value to our sin, rather to Jesus.

What we choose to focus our thoughts on is what we give value to. When we choose to believe & focus our attention on lies such as, "you're total worthless," "nobody wants you, loves you, or cares about you," & "you're not important," we're giving value to those statements. The truth is, in fact, the opposite of all of those statements, yet we devalue the truth by focusing on the lie.

In turn, we're becoming an society full of people with extremely low self esteem. Perhaps it's time to place value on that which is of true value, the truth.

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