To the amazing women in my life:

To the women who support, encourage & empower me to be who I've been created to be, thank you! May you feel & know that there is a support system of people who believe in you & your potential, in your corner of the ring as well.

To the women who challenge my thinking, behaviour & character, thank you for not allowing me to become comfortable with where I am, but for challenging me to continue to grow & enlarge my territory. Know that the best is yet to come, and although you're perfect the way you are, there is more for you to accomplish.

To the women who allow me to cry my heart out, share my moments of joy & all the emotions in between, thank you for being a safe place. Know that whenever you need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on I am here for you.

To the women who go out of their way to generously give & lavish love upon me, thank you. May you feel that as you are a blessing to those around you that you are in turn being blessed more then you could ever imagine.

To the women who mother & care for me, thank you. Know that you are building something much larger then what you input into my life. The legacy you are building will continue to grow for generations to come.

To the women who come alongside & just do everyday life, thank you for being apart of the journey. I sincerely look forward the the many season ahead that we will get to share together.

To all the amazing women I have the distinct honour and privilege of knowing, Happy International Women's Day! Know that you are loved, cherished, valued & adored.
Love you to the moon & back.

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