the bliss of day dreaming without the reality of the $

I remember as a little girl day dreaming of the day when I would get married and how it would be picture perfect. Every little detail would be in place. Everything would be elegant and exquisite. And after the wedding we'd go on a romantic honeymoon for a bazillion years and stay in the most fabulous, expensive room. And when we came home from our bazillion year honeymoon we'd be completely settled in our beautiful home with gorgeous furnishings in a nice little, well developed community. Little did I know that my $2 allowance would not be quite enough to make these dreams reality.

Now that I'm twentysomething and planning a wedding as well as look for a place of residence once I'm no longer a Dempsey and able to live in my parents home with meals ready and waiting for me when I arrive home from work, I'm realizing that nickels and dimes add up and it always seems that I never have quite enough.

Oh, how much I would like to be 8 years old again just day dreaming of today, rather then living it.

Thought, I must admit, I am more well off then I let on. I do have a very stable job, as does my incredibly handsome fiance (haha and being "incredibly handsome" helps that much more in being "well off."), and we are continually finding ourselves hugely blessed. Still I must keep in mind that we are only twentysomething, and the gorgeous houses that we have grown up in, filled with gorgeous things, took years for our parents to acquire.

One day I will arrive (God willing) and although I'm fairly positive my financial worries will never completely disappear, maybe one day the daydreaming (at least of the house) will in fact be a reality.

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michael lewis said...

Does he have a gym membership? (And active membership?)

That wedding is coming up quick!!!