family = community

So there's been discussion on the importance of community quite a bit lately. Whether it's been around the table at dinner concerning community within the volleyball team, or at school, or college, or church. There's also been numerous blogs wrote and read on the importance of building community. And recently there's been huge emphasis at my workplace put on community. And basically it all boils down to family (in my opinion at least).

At work we've gone through quite a few changes over the past few months. The boat as been rocked a bit. But through it all, it's basically made all the employees a tighter family, which in turn has built community. But not only at work...we're seeing it expand to church, and ultimately the nation through different ways we have influence. And it's this community that gives us the support and strength to get through the challenges. And it's this strong sense of family and community which increases our influence and impact on those around us.

I answered phones last week in a prayer center and you would not believe that amount of calls we received asking for prayer for family. For reconciliation, for strengthened relationships.

This week this group called Mom2Mom started up. It's all about building community to encourage and equip moms to do a great job!

Basically it's all boiling down to building community. Authentic relationships. Strengthening family.

I'd say its the mandate for Christians. To create a safe place, a community, where ANYONE can come and feel apart of the family.

In my mind family = community.

Let me tell you, something is definitely happening bigger then I could ever imagine, and it's beginning with the family, with community, with people building strong, real relationships.

I love it. And I want to be apart of this movement towards community.

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