the easiest way.

Part of my job is to make leaders schedules for all of the pre-school programs at my church.

I love it!
I get to meet the greatest people ever who have the same heart for children as I do! It's just a honor to work with men and women who desire to see children come into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

I hate it!
Sometimes I feel like I've exhausted all me resources. There's conferences and special events on top of weekends and sometimes its SO hard to get people involved.

BUT it's amazing when I FINALLY (and more often then not it takes way too long for me to) just leave it in God's hands, instead of phoning and phoning and phoning (YET AGAIN...the SAME PEOPLE) to see if they'd like to help...how quickly people that I would have never thought to ask come to ME to ask me if they can help. (Make sense...probably not).

God is truly amazing.
And He always blows me away when I let Him take total control.
I love Him.
And I love that I can trust Him.

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