one day

I'll look back on today and understand exactly why I went through this season.

It seems like this past year has been a roller coaster, with extreme highs and extreme lows. I thought with the beginning of 2008 the extreme lows would be over and things for the most part would just mellow out with the few occasional highs. Hmmm...seems like yet again God had different plans...although the year has just begun so who knows.

Wedding plans continue as per normal (basically non-existent b/c we have everything more or less figured out). Except for the occasional (and by occasional I mean pretty much never happening) like speed bump everything has been going along fine (37 more sleeps! WOO!)

Work continues on. We're still in a transitional period, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. God has taught me so much about serving HIM over a vision, a person, a ministry etc. And He continues to teach me that it really is all about Him, regardless of what I or anyone else thinks.

Interesting how when man's agenda gets in the way, and we as humans attempt to take total control of what He's entrusted with us, He comes in and takes control back even if it means completely shutting down what He first entrusted us with.

And one day all of the tears that I've shed, and all the pages I've journaled will make sense as I look back on this incredibly crazy season in my life...and I truly do believe that is all this is...a season.

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