making a house a home

Matt & I are so close to being in our first house! It's been quite the process. We made the decision to start building last summer. In July they started digging our basement and pouring our foundation. Soon after the process began we moved out of our rental home and into my parents house. We picked our flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, counter tops, appliances, hardware and finally we're almost at the point of being able to enjoy it!

Over the past seven months I've been reminded of what makes a house a home while living in my parents home again. Between the months spent with them and the days of "relief" (☺) spent with my in-laws I've began to realize what truly makes a house a home.

Its not the decorations (although those are very lovely and definitely contribute to the "homey" feel). Its not the space, or the designated rooms. It's not what kind of food is served. It's not the mood music that's played, or mood lighting.

Rather its the things that you don't see that make a house a home. It's the way that everyone belongs. It's the way you're allowed to be who you are. It's the way there's always an extra chair that can be pulled up to the table. It's the way the conversation just flows and you know that your opinion matters. It's the way family and friends alike feel sheltered and safe.

And so, although I'm EXTREMELY excited to get into our house and set it up as ours, I'm more excited to create a haven. My mother-in-law gave us something for our wall when the building process just began, and I truly believe it will become the essence of our home and it simply says: "Welcome, happy is the home that shelters a friend." And that is the home that Matt & will strive to create.

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