remembering someone great. - part 2

She never once complained. It was clear that some of her life experiences were neither fair, or deserved, but through it all she had such dignity and strength. I never heard her speak negatively of those who did her wrong, or of a situation she found herself in.
She was the queen of glitz. I remember the sweaters she wore were always adorned with sparkles and golden threads.
Speaking of glitz, she was a princess. Her hair was always done and her finger and toenails always painted. She would squeeze her feet into pretty, strappy sandals and never once complain of the pain.
She was the only one who would let me get cookies a McDonald's as a little girl.
Although she was quiet it was never uncomfortable to be around her. There was something very relaxed and comforting about her presence even though she was a women of few words.
I remember delivering her poinsettia's every Christmas. She loved flowers, and we always made a point of getting her the biggest most beautiful bouquets when we had the opportunity.
She LOVED her family. Her home was full of photos of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. When she moved from her apartment into the nursing home her photos moved with her.
I remember she got along so well with grandpa McEachern. When they were together it seemed as though there was a mutual understanding between them. They simply seemed to enjoy being in each others presence. As a grandchild is was a fabulous thing to witness. I know that now they're both enjoying their time in a place far greater then any place they ever met here on earth.

She is still treasured in my heart and so missed everyday.

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